“Maybe I Loved You” b/w “Never Take Me Back”



·         Recorded at Daptone House of Soul

·         Members of Reigning Sound and Robbers On High Street



You’ve seen them on stage!  You’ve sat next to them at the bar! You’ve served them slices of pizza! 

Now, without further adieu, Cryptovision Records is proud to present the debut single by those Rock N’ Soul giants, whose live shows have been packing dance floors all over Brooklyn – The Jay Vons.

From the opening drum beat to the tasteful fade, MAYBE I LOVED YOU is a moody groover that will move your feet and break your heart. The unmistakable baritone sax is courtesy of Jared Tankel (The Budos Band).  The flip, NEVER TAKE ME BACK, is a stripped down ballad that will transport you back to a time when Dee Jay’s coolly whispered “Couples Only” into the mic.

Both sides were recorded onto 8 track tape by local recording gurus, The Brothers Gordon - at the illustrious Daptone House of Soul. The Jay Vons have the proud honor to be the first rock n’ roll act to ever track at this legendary studio. Rest assured no computer trickery or digital skullduggery was considered in the making of this fine, fine piece of wax – just four microphones and four well groomed gentlemen, playing their hearts out.   DIG IT!

Tune into WFMU on Sat. August 28th to hear The Jay Vons LIVE on Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic!!! website